The Traditional Hilot Massage: Does It Really Work?

The Philippines holds numerous traditions and superstitious beliefs that have strongly been established as cultural. From childhood, Filipinos are exposed to them through common practices as they are passed on from generation to generation. These include visiting a “manghihilot” when they contract a fever or suffer from body pains. Despite modern medicine becoming the norm when […]

Acute Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis: Unraveling the Bangungot Mystery

“Do not sleep when your stomach is full” is a common belief in the Philippines that it is almost doctrine. According to superstition, bangungot happens when a person sleeps on a full stomach. It’s an old wives’ tale claiming that overeating just before going to bed might cause a person to rise and moan (bangon at ungol; where bangungot got its […]

How Does a Corneal Transplant Work? Here’s What to Expect

Humans heavily rely on their senses to perceive the world around them and lead meaningful lives. While all senses are essential, sight is arguably one of the most critical as humans use it to interact with their environment and do activities of daily life independently. The cornea is the clear front part of the eye […]

Prenatal Care: A Handy Guide to Delivering a Healthy Baby

The birth of a child is always a memorable occasion, but that becomes even more special for first-time parents. For nine (9) months, expectant couples count to the day of their baby’s arrival, excited to see and be with their little bundle of joy while also preparing themselves for the responsibilities of parenthood. Indeed, the […]

12 Weird & Mysterious Diseases You Probably Never Heard Of

For centuries, humans have been constantly fascinated by the wonders of the body, often asking the questions, “What is this part for? Can a human survive without this? Why does it function like that?” These questions convey the eagerness to learn more about the human body. However, as nature has it, the human body is […]

8 Ways to Prevent Digital Eye Strain While Using Computers

Living in the digital age means that most people today spend a great amount of time attached to their devices. With people holed up at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these screens act as their lifeline to the outside world. Without modern gadgets such as computers, tablets, or mobile phones, adapting to the current […]

12 Tips to Follow When Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine for Your Children

More than a year and a half after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, the world is still battling against an influx of coronavirus cases as emerging strains continue to ravage countries. Today, the Delta variant is the dominant SARS-CoV-2 mutation globally, infecting even fully vaccinated people. This news on the more lethal and transmittable […]

Breast Cancer: The Difference Between Male and Female

  Cancer is a disease that has affected many, either personally or through someone they know. It is an illness with no known cure, and the entire medical community is throwing its support and many of its resources into fully understanding this condition. One of cancer’s defining traits is how cancerous cells can appear anywhere […]

#MyMakatiMedStory: How LVAD Saved a Father’s Life

At the young age of 17 years old, Jovit Garcia felt that something was wrong with his heart. Despite being a member of his college mountaineering club, which enabled him to climb steep slopes before, including the famous Mt. Pulag, Jovit started to find walking up the stairs challenging. He experienced shortness of breath even […]